These Custom Additions Will Make Your Baseball Trading Pins Stand Out

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Youth baseball players are accustomed to picking up trading pins at the tournaments that they play throughout the season. Over time, these pins can start to blend together for some players — after all, most pins will have a baseball-related design and include the basics such as the name of the tournament and city in which it takes place. If you're looking for a way to make your event's trading pins stand out, find a manufacturer who can provide you with a variety of custom additions to consider. You can then choose one of the following features to give your pins more appeal.


Many pin manufacturers give you the ability to have a spinning element on your baseball trading pins. You can work closely with a designer from the company to ensure that this addition suits your design and fits in well. A standard type of spinner is a circle, which can then be finished in white and with red stitching to take the appearance of a baseball. The spinner won't spin on its own, but rather can be spun by the players to whom you hand out the tournament's pins.


Baseball trading pins with a slider element will also be a popular choice for players. In the slider style, a small element will slide back and forth on a track. You'll typically have the choice of shapes for the slider itself. One choice is a baseball, which players can then slide back and forth across the pin to mimic a ball traveling from the pitcher toward the batter. Another option is a baserunner shape, which can then be slid back and forth as though the runner is traveling from base to base. In the latter style, you'll want to include a pair of bases at each end of the sliding mechanism to add authenticity.


Another design element to consider is a swinger, which is a small element that hangs off the bottom of the baseball trading pin, much in the same manner as an earring. This design element is handy because it essentially gives you more space for your design. If you're having trouble fitting certain elements onto the main area of the pin, you may wish to include something small on the swinger. For example, you could include the age group of the players, such as "U-12," or the name of the city and state of the tournament.