Consider These Useful Accessories When You Buy A Pistol

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Visiting a gun dealer, such as Wilcox Bait Tackle, to buy a new pistol not only gives you an opportunity to peruse the available firearms that suit your needs and your budget, but to also spend time evaluating the various accessories that you may wish to include in your order. Gun dealers typically sell a wide range of accessories that gun enthusiasts can use with their weapons. Whether you have a concealed carry license and you carry a firearm anytime you're in public or you're just someone who shoots targets for fun on the weekend, here are some accessories that you'll want to consider.


A flashlight is a valuable accessory to mount to your pistol. Typically affixed on a rail below the barrel, a flashlight will increase your accuracy and situational awareness if you're forced to draw your weapon in the dark. This may make you feel more confident if you believe that someone has broken into your home, for example. Pistol flashlights are compact and easy to turn on and off with a flick of your finger so that you aren't fumbling with the switch for the light when there's a threat in front of you. In addition to illuminating your target, the brightness of the light can make it difficult for someone to clearly see you, which is desirable.

Laser Sight

A laser sight can be mounted below the barrel or on the side of the barrel of your handgun. Either way, this accessory can make you feel more confident with your shooting. At the range, the use of a laser sight can help you hit targets at an increased rate; if you're forced to draw your weapon in public because of a threat, flicking on the laser sight can be intimidating because it demonstrates to your assailant that you have an increased capability of hitting your target.

Extended Magazine

Provided that it is legal in your area, an extended magazine is a valuable accessory for both target shooting and the defense of your home. At the gun range, the use of an extended magazine means that you'll be able to spend more time shooting and less time reloading. If you're protecting your home and there are multiple armed intruders who have gained entry and are threatening the use of violence, the extended magazine can be a literal lifesaver, as you won't have to stop and reload in the middle of defending yourself and/or your family.